Once and for all

Words and music: Jeff Slaughter and Lorie Marsh
Arr: Don Marsh

Behold, Christ has come
Emmanuel, Promised One
Told us of the Father’s love
Light of Truth revealed to us

Behold on the cross
Blood was shed, hope seemed lost
Conquered death the final blow
From the grave He arose

Once and for all
Jesus paid the price
Thro’ the cradle and the cross
He gave eternal life
The child of Bethlehem
Has led us to the heart of God
Redeemed forever, Once and for all!

Behold nail-scarred hands
Offering, redemption’s plan
His love for us, the reason why
He became the sacrifice

Behold, Sov’reign King
Bow before His majesty
The beginning and the End
We will see Him come again.


Christus is gekomen
de belofte
Hij vertelde ons over
de liefde van God
voor de wereld.

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